I had some work done at Sweet water Harley Davidson I was very disatisfied, took two months and everything had to be done again At a competent dealer those fools are only qualified to sell T shirts the owner is an Idiot !She tried to tell me that while she was padding her pocket ripping off Harley warranty she was doing me a favor. rebuilding my new motor.,they don't take enough pride in their work to be a member of the BBB
I installed a throttle up steering stabilizer , on my Road Glide  my review of this product is positive the price was do-able install was a piece of cake and handling was greatly improved as long as i stayed with stock Dunlops
    I switched my oil from mobil 1 to BG SHEAR POWER and my bike runs smoother and crisper ,I also added a taller windshield ,it has improved the ride for me as i am 6'2" tall  with the dyno-jet  usb III and thunder header k&n air filter and a highly modified stock  air cleaner cover ( I cut the bottom off of it but still left the outer cover) it has  improved performance and throttle response mostly at top end.  I highly recommened B.G. fuel induction kit for a bike with any real miles on it you can find B.G. products on
this will improve performance and reduce carbon build up Harley Davidson recognizes this service to improve drivability
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